The Time Has Come

Although when I was diagnosed I knew it was likely I would be writing this post, I had hoped it would be sometime farther in the future.  That was not to be.  Yesterday, I learned that my treatment is not working, and that my cancer was progressing rapidly.  It was recommended that I be put into hospice to get ready for the end of my life.  Today, I did get set up with hospice.  Truthfully, the news did not surprise me.  I am going downhill fast every single day.  The speed at which I am declining is shocking.  In fact, the hospice nurse estimates that, at best, I have two weeks to live and maybe less.

The subtitle to this blog was “A sometimes rocky road to peace and wellness”. There are different ways to describe peace and wellness.  Most people probably see it as getting well and getting rid of the cancer and living without it.  That is what I hoped.  Another definition is to reach a point where the peace and wellness is knowing that your time has come.  That is where I am  right now.  Most of the peace and wellness I have reached is as a result of my dear family and friends that have always been there for me and continue to be.  Without them I could not have reached this point.  I have been surrounded by so much love.  That makes me a very lucky person even though I am going to die from this cancer.  How many people get to hear on a daily basis that they are loved.  Rarely does that happen.  Usually people die and people extol their life.  I have been able to hear it while still alive.  That has been a blessing.

Those of you who have followed my blog are constantly giving me words of encouragement.  And that has meant a lot to me, as well.  I have heard from so many people that the blog has been inspiring.  That makes me very happy.  For me, it was not only a form of therapy, but a way for me to honestly tell people what this journey is like.  I have tried to be absolutely honest in everything I have written.  So many times people who are dying of a terminal disease don’t talk about it and don’t tell you all of the dirty details.  That is not me.  I hope that my honesty has helped people understand what cancer patients go through as they fight advanced cancer.

Obviously, I expect this to be the last post, but I write with the help of my friend, Judy, who is typing it for me.  When you think of me, think of me as a warrior who fought a very hard fight and never gave up.  Think of me as someone who loved life, loved her family, loved her friends, and was surrounded by so much love that it has brought me peace and light.  I am not afraid of dying because I am not living.  Instead, I want all of those who love me to keep me in their hearts and remember me with joy.  I love you all.


6 thoughts on “The Time Has Come

  1. Susan Steinberg says:

    I am in tears as I read this. I am a better person for having known you. You will truly be remembered as that warrior that you are but also as that kind lovely person who was so smart, loved to read, and truly loved to converse. You will NEVER be forgotten. We will always be here for You, Alan, Alex and Sarah. I wish you nothing but peace

  2. Dianne says:

    Dearest Marilyn,
    You are a warrior. You are filled with light and love. You are an inspiration, and you are surrounded by love. I, along with so many, love you. Nothing will ever change any of this. ❤️

  3. Karen Peters says:

    Dear Marilyn, You are a true inspiration and you fought so hard and well. You are surrounded by so much LOVE. My family will be here for Alan, Sara, Alex and You. Know that we all LOVE you and want peace for you.

  4. MY DEAREST SISTER,Like I’ve told YOU in many emails, post and phone calls YOU where the best sister a brother could ever ask for a true blessings that keep me going all these years with my illness! You where a GREAT –DAUGHTER, WIFE , MOTHER , AUNT, SISTER AND LAWYER AND SO MUCH MORE to all of us !Of course I don;t want you to leave since now the real pain will be on all of us but we will always remember all the good in you and how you loved others ! Don’t worry you will be a peace you fought harder then the EX -Marine our Late Dad -they both are smiling with pride how strong, smart and wonderful a person that help create with Gods help !Uncle Phil and Brother Phil will be there to honor you and to help Alan, Sara and Alex God will help me and all of us to deal with this most difficult stressful event !

    I LOVE YOU AND WAS SO PROUD OF ALL YOU DID TO MAKE THIS WORLD A BETTER PLACE AND WE WILL SEE YOU AGAIN !This is not the end but the as Jesus told us please keep the faith and you to will rise again into eternal life!


  5. Karen Hebda says:

    Marilyn my heart is breaking. You are remarkably strong, sweet, loving, lucid, honest, dear, selfless, beautiful, open, kind, realistic, hopeful…Words cannot do justice to describe how you are facing this time with grace and bravery. I love you dear friend. Peace.

  6. Maud Gosse says:

    Marilyn, There are no words…you continue to inspire me…you wrote your blog with such strength and bravery. I’m still praying for you and your family every day. Sending you all much love, peace and hope!❤️💙❤️💙

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