Back To The Mountains

Last week, finally, my dear friends, Judy and Deb, and their husbands, came to Utah. It was their first time seeing the house we own with others, and for most of them, the first time in Utah and Park City. We have been trying to get them there for some time – last year we planned it for the Fourth of July weekend but family issues got in the way.

I was looking forward to showing them what we could in three full days in Park City – hiking, perhaps biking, good eating and just good times. Unfortunately, Deb and I both had colds, which, given the timing, we attributed to someone at her birthday party the Saturday before. I was not happy with this. I was worried whether this would affect my chemo schedule. My life is scheduled in two week increments, avoiding doing anything during the three awful days of chemo and trying to travel the next week or weekend after chemo. I also plan work around that schedule and have arbitration hearings on my off weeks. If the schedule changed, that would be disastrous. We are planning on going to a wedding in Santa Barbara end of October and to South Beach in late November and already booked the flights and hotels. The arbitration has been difficult to schedule due to the plaintiff in that case, and to have to reschedule would not be good. Plus, I did not want to stop the assault on my cancer. As it turned out, I was over the cold enough on Tuesday following our trip to do chemo. It was not an easy chemo, and in fact Thursday was horrid, but today I am recovering and feel much better.

Our colds did impact our plans. We all hiked the first day, going to Sundance Resort, which both Deb and Judy wanted to see. We hiked to Stewart Falls at the back of Sundance, and then had lunch at the resort. I posted photos on Facebook of all of us. Then, after hiking, we went into town to do a little shopping and then out to dinner to High West Distillery. I made the mistake of trying their whiskey and I do not drink whiskey. I figured it was a distillery and I should try it. Big mistake. In the middle of the night it made me sick, and the next day I felt awful. I do not think it was just the whiskey – I think I just did too much that day while still pretty sick with my cold. I spent the whole next day at home, dozing and resting. In the meantime, the rest of the group went to Bald Mountain in Deer Valley, hiked it, and then had lunch at the Stein Erikssen Lodge. They raved about it. I was too sick to miss it. I forced myself out to dinner where I barely ate and just wanted to go home and sleep.

Then, unfortunately, Judy got the cold and she spent the last day doing what I had done the day before. Other than a fall color drive and a stop at the Heber Dairy (best ice cream ever, and wonderful homemade cheese), she stayed home and dozed and rested. Deb and I went into town, did a bit more shopping and that night made dinner for everyone. By the end of the day, Alan came down with the cold. Deb and I both felt bad that we had given it to Judy and Alan. Somehow Judy’s husband, Al, and Deb’s husband, Norm, escaped it. Judy was well enough to show Deb and I how easy it is to make bread and made me a loaf to take home for my chemo days where white bread is the only kind I can eat, along with challah. I plan to make some myself. What was amazing is that she made yeast over three days just from spores in the air from flour and water. It worked, and the bread was delicious.

Despite our colds, the trip was still wonderful. Everyone loved the house and the views, which are spectacular. Out the front window is the Jordanelle (a reservoir that looks like a lake) and the mountains in the background, including Bald Mountain. The views change with the sun and weather. On our last day we saw a number of hot air balloons, which is not uncommon in Park City in the summer and fall. It was great to be there with such good friends and share what we love about Park City, and we are planning another one next September. We plan to all be well during that trip, for more hiking and more exploring.

My next time in Park City is at Christmas to ski and snow shoe. I asked my doctor for an extra week off then so that we could spend our usual nine days there with me healthy and able to ski and snow shoe without any trouble. By then I will be on maintenance – lower dosages of the chemo, to give my body a bit of a break until I go back to the full assault. He agreed. In the meantime, it was great to again enjoy our home there with good and dear friends who have been there for me throughout this journey and fight. Love you all…..


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