Wig Day

Today was wig day – the day for the fitting and final cut of my wig, which I am wearing as I write this.  It took most of the day. Luckily, Anthony, my hairdresser, came to the wig place to first cut my hair and then cut the wig. That gave me peace of mind.  He is so talented, and knows my hair. We started with cutting my hair really short with some longer bangs in the front. It looks great. I don’t know if I would have had the guts to go so short without being forced into it by this process. I am glad I was forced into this. When my hair grows back, it just may stay that length. It looks that cute. I cut my hair instead of shaving my head as I originally planned because the drug that would make me totally bald is no longer part of my protocol. While it was already given to me, and will cause a lot of hair loss, the other two drugs cause a lot of thinning but not total loss of hair. I likely will keep my eyebrows and lashes, although they may be thinner. So I decided to cut my hair super short and not go totally bald.  Alan says the wig makes me look like a brunette Marilyn Monroe and the short haircut is Audrey Hepburn.  He also insists that bald would be cute as well. There is a reason I like having him around.

The effort to fit the wig, to cut it, to thin it, to fit it again, to curl it, to fit it again, etc., was substantial and took a lot of time.  I stared at 9:30 in the morning, with Deb and Judy there to cheer me on, and did not finish until 2:30 with a break for lunch. Judy, of course, immediately loved my short cut and said cut the wig short like that. I resisted.The whole idea was to look like I looked before chemo takes my hair. The wig started out as big, 80’s, hair. It was wild. Anthony did a lot of cutting and thinning to make it look normal. The wig was also too big for my head at first. I was told my head was even smaller than they thought, and it had to be adjusted a few times. They adjust by unstitching the pieces,then resewing, almost like a custom dressmaker. I certainly was not surprised. When I shop for hats, it is pretty funny how big even small hats are on me. I have a very small head. After much primping and adjusting, I put it on myself, got my instructions and wig kit, was given a foam mannequin to store it, and went home. The test will be tomorrow when I do everything myself.

What is amazing is that my real hair, which is showing in some areas on purpose, totally blends with the wig. The wig is my hair, but better. Thicker and more lustrous – what I would like my real hair to be. It looks like me. It is dead on. I am glad I decided to get a custom wig and not a stock one that would never look the same. It also is comfortable and does not bother me at all to be wearing it. I have heard stories of people buying more stock wigs wanting to rip them off because they are hot, do not fit well, do not feel comfortable. I hope my family and friends are ready for the new, more glamorous me.


3 thoughts on “Wig Day

  1. As you experience and share all the phases of your experience of this disease, I am struck by your presence, awareness and tenacity. You are truly taking yoga off the mat and into your life. You are a role model to us all….

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