Stencils and Wigs and Hats, Oh My!

Eyebrow stencils.  Who would have thought?  Before my diagnosis, perhaps I should have known about them as someone who reads not only a lot of books, but also fashion magazines. But I had not.  And these are one of the items I was told by a friend I should buy before I lose my eyebrows so that I could draw them in after they were gone.  So I went to Todd’s Room where the lovely Jessica made me custom eyebrow stencils that match my eyebrows, gave me a lesson and then gave me the MAC powder to use to make eyebrows when I no longer have any.  I have been practicing ever since. I still have eyebrows, but when they are gone I will be good at this.

Having to buy a wig was not a surprise. My problem is that wigs are generally straight, or at best, wavy, and I have curly hair with curls of different diameters. My curls are natural and not uniform. I went to two wig shops and picked the one that had the better products. That shop will curl my wig, and they say it will get a “memory” of being curled. Not sure what that means, but whatever it is, I expect it will look good, and certainly will be thicker and shinier than my own hair. Trying on wigs was pretty humorous, especially when at one of the shops they put on a couple of blonde wigs just to try the style. I always knew I should not be a blonde. Putting on the blonde wigs certainly confirmed that. I laughed out loud at myself as a blonde. I also stopped straightening my hair yeas ago, and when I put on the straight wigs I did not look at all like myself.

I have now had my first wig fitting. The wig looked good, even unfinished. The wig is better than my own hair, frankly.  Now I am excited to see the finished product. In a couple of weeks, I will go for the final fitting and cut and then walk out bewigged. I asked Anthony, who has cut my hair now for over 20 years, to do the final cut. I trust him to do a great job and to make it me. I likely will get my head shaved at that final fitting.  I have no desire to see clumps of hair on my pillow or coming out in the shower. GI Jane, here I come.

The final step in getting ready for no hair was to buy caps and hats. I did that yesterday with Deb. While the caps do not excite me that much, I loved the two hats I bought. I have always liked hats – the problem is that I have a small head and finding ones that fit is a challenge. But the shop had adjustable hats – who knew – and those work. I also found a good yoga cap – nice and tight that hopefully will stay put while I am doing yoga. Have to handle the important things here…..

Now I am ready to be bald. Well, maybe not totally ready. It’s a strange concept to have no hair. The part that really gets me is losing my eyelashes. I am used to having long eyelashes. I do not curl them because I do not need to curl them. They are almost black. Not having them will make me feel bare and exposed.  Like everything else about this process, I will get used to it, and will likely enjoy the wig, the hats, and getting expert at eyebrows. 


One thought on “Stencils and Wigs and Hats, Oh My!

  1. Therese samarco says:

    Your attention to detail is one of the fabulous parts of you, Marilyn. You always look put together and the fact that cancer/chemo will not rob you of your Marilyn-ness is pretty fantastic. You go girl! Xoxo

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