The Healing Circle

I just returned from the Healing Circle that Karma Yoga held for me.  I am feeling empowered, strong and so grateful.   I have never been part of a healing circle and I loved it.  When Lynn and Kathy from Karma told me they would like to offer me a healing circle and was I open to that, I told them yes because I am open to whatever anyone wants to offer me in my healing process. But I was not quite sure what it was although I had a vague idea it was a Native American tradition that may involve some drums. Then, when I told Judy and Deb about it and they asked me what is a healing circle, I said I was not sure.  So, of course, we Googled it, read about the Native American tradition and the fact that Kundalini yoga also has something close to it. I was interested and excited to go through one.

It is a very powerful experience.  I feel very lucky that this was held for me.  Nancy led it, and Katherine and Kathy were both there along with Matthew, who has been teaching me Ashtanga yoga now for 11 years.  It was important to me that all of my yoga teachers were there.  Even more touching to me was the fact that so many of my friends came as did my entire family.  Friends came who may think that anything outside of established western prayer is strange, because they wanted to support me.  It was also so nice to reconnect with people I have not seen in a long time, including Cheryl, who now has her own yoga studio and so does not practice with us anymore, Bill, whom I have not seen for months and who in the meantime has gone platinum blond, Richard, who practices at other studios now, Sue, who has not been practicing lately, Aleks, whom I have talked to but not seen since she left Dykema but must see more often, and so many other friends.  Of course, Deb, Judy, Joel, Jackie, Marla and Rena were there, along with Mary, my sweet, sweet cousin and friend.  Matthew came with Heather and India (his daughter).  India gave me a picture that showed a path going upward – that was amazing given my journey.

Nancy began by having us go into the room one by one while she “bathed” us in sacred smoke.   She then had us sit in a large circle and then first explained what she was going to do, and the meaning and traditions she was using.  While the Native tradition come from the Lakota and from Peru, Nancy explained that she was using mostly the Peruvian Native American tradition and then would incorporate Kundalini and Hatha mantras.  We started by turning in all four directions.  First we looked to the south, where the Serpent sheds his skin for a new beginning, then to the east where the Jaguar represents that after death we go on, then to the north where the Hummingbird reminds us of the sweetness of life, and then to the west where the Eagle soars.  Nancy ended by calling out to Mother Earth and Father Sky.  Nancy used a rattle while doing this and then had us close our eyes while she drummed for five minutes, circling the room.  Loved the drumming – it was at a pace that brought peace and stillness.  After the drums, she told me to lay in the middle of the room while the mantras were sung and were chanted and silent healing prayers were said.  Tears ran down my cheeks during the ceremony and I really felt a powerful force from it.   I am always surprised how much comes up for me during yoga or after mantras and chanting.  This was no exception.  The healing manta is beautiful – it was sung for 11 minutes.  Afterwards, Katherine gave me the healing cd from Snatam Kaur that I will download into my iPod so that I can listen to it during chemo or at night.

The intention behind this was so pure and loving and all about supporting me. It touched me.  I believe everyone in the room was also touched by it, no matter their personal beliefs. There were a lot of people in the room, which reminded me yet again that I am blessed and rich in friendship and support. It also meant so much to me that Alan and my kids went,took it seriously and liked it.Alan told me they were singing and chanting along with everyone else in the room. Alex later told me he loved the Native American part but also loved the healing Kundalini mantra that we sung.

The healing energy was directed to each of the participants, then to me and then to the world.  That is a wonderful message.  If only more people listened to it.  The light in me honors the light in you. Namaste.



3 thoughts on “The Healing Circle

  1. Therese samarco says:

    Such a beautiful ritual. I felt the power in the room- the collective power of our loving energy. White light circling all of us and centering on you, lying in the center of the circle, open and, receiving.

    This blog is a wonderful thing. Sara told me this afternoon that she suggested you write down your thought, feelings, experiences. What a gift to have such great kids- and a daughter who can set up a blog effortlessly.

    You have many who love you.

  2. Lisa says:

    Greetings Marilyn! Thanks for sharing about your healing circle, I only wish I hadn’t had to go to work because I really wanted to be there. It clearly was a powerful gathering. Like I told you before, you are one of the most (well, probably THE most) powerful women that I know. Now, that power can be directed toward healing. You will be using it in different ways than you have before and I believe it has begun with your healing circle and opening up to the outpouring of love and energy from all of your dear friends and family to whom you have given so much throughout your life. We are all on this journey with you!

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